For the Love of Horses

SophieBella offers many different horse riding activities

Horse riding lessons

Everybody is welcome for horse riding lessons. From people who are new to horse-riding to experienced riders who want to expand their skills. You can book a private riding lesson for 30,- pp. You can book a private lesson for yourself, or come together. Get in contact with us to book a lesson.

Trail Rides

You can also do trail rides at SophieBella. We have very calm and friendly horses. We go out on trail rides on a daily basis, so the horses are used to a lot and don’t spook easily.

You can choose between 4 different rides:

  • one-hour trail ride € 25,00
    a sampler of the Dutch polder landscape
  • two-hour trail ride € 40,00
    across polder, forest and a lake
  • three-hour trail ride € 47,50
    through the beautiful nature reserve ‘Gooisch Natuurreservaat’
  • These trail rides are for experienced riders only, not for beginners.

Rent horses

At SophieBella you can also rent horses. You can rent a horse for an hour (riding in our arena, not for trail rides) for 25,-.

Lease horses

You can also lease a horse at our stable for a fixed day. This means that you have your “own” horse for that day every week.

  • once a week: 55,- per month
  • twice a week: 110,- per month

When leasing a horse at SophieBella, monthly lessons are required.